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Japanese National Documents Filing Course

It is possible to extend the term for translation filing of the PCT application in Japan for up to two months

In this course, we can submit only the national phase entry request first to utilize this extension policy.

Submission of National Documents in Japan

The patent system protects inventors’ patent rights for their inventions. Patent regulations specify that only the patent holder has the right to implement the invention and the method of the invention, and said regulations prohibit third parties from manufacturing, selling and importing those inventions.

The optimal approach to effectively use the additional two-month special time limit for translated documentation is to first submit only the domestic application documents. This way, you may obtain sufficient preparation time to file a PCT application to enter Japan.

In Japan, the application documents must be submitted within 30 months from the priority date. Within two months from the date of filing (par. 4, Art. 184, the Japanese Patent Law), the translated text must be submitted. Thus, the translation must be submitted within a maximum of 32 months from the priority date in this case.

We recommend our clients who are considering entering Japan based on a PCT application to utilize this time period and submit the translation within two months from the Japanese filing date.

Cost of National Documents Submission in Japan

  • ※ The above are the fees for drafting and submitting the PCT application documents to enter Japan.
  • ※ If you are unable to submit your translation within 2 months after you submit your application, the application shall be deemed to be withdrawn.

Simple filing through our firm

  • Notify us by email of your PCT International Patent Application Number
2.Prepare and submit application documents
  • We will prepare application documents for the Japanese entry. After your confirmation, we will submit the application to the Japan Patent Office.
3.Prepare the Japanese translation
  • Within two months from submission of the application documents, the translation of the specification must be submitted. If you entrust our firm with the translation, the translation can usually be completed within one month.
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