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Intellectural Property Right Management

In order to keep your registered Intellectual Property Right in force,
you need to annuity fees regularly to the Japan
Patent Office or go through the procedures for trademark right renewal application.

Our firm can provide patent and trademark right maintenance services for you at a low price.

Summary of intellectual property right management service

  • 1.To keep your patent/trademark in force, annual fees shall be paid duly.
    Our firm implements maintenance fee payment deadline management, and will remind our clients to go through the relevant procedures 30 days prior to the payment deadline.
  • 2. If you need to go through the procedures to change the address or the owner of the trademark right at the same time, the fee shall be charged only once.
    only a nominal fee will be charged.

Intellectual property right management service fee

Patent Annuity Fee

Attorney fee: JPY 20,000
Official fee:

Each year from the 1st to 3rd year JPY 2,100 + number of claims× JPY 200
Each year from the 4th to 6th year JPY 6,400 + number of claims × JPY 500
Each year from the 7th to 9th year JPY 19,300 + number of claims × JPY 1,500
From the 10th year JPY 55,400 + number of claims × JPY 4,300
Utility Model Annuity Fee

Attorney fee: JPY 20,000
Official fee:

Each year from the 4th to 6th year JPY 6,100 + number of claims × JPY 300
From the 7th year JPY 18,100 + number of claims × JPY 900
  • ※ The fee for the first three years will be paid at the same time with the application fee during the filing.
Industrial Design Annuity Fee

Attorney fee: JPY 20,000
Charges by the Patent Office:

Each year from the 1st year JPY 8,500
From the 4th year JPY 16,900

Trademark right renewal fees

Relevant fees for trademark right renewal

About trademark right renewal

Definition of trademark right renewal
The trademark right has an effective duration of 10 years starting from the date of registration approval. The trademark law is intended to protect the reputation gained through business activities. Therefore the trademark may be renewed indefinitely so as to protect the trademark right semi-permanently. The effective duration of the trademark right may be renewed by filing a renewal request and the trademark right may be renewed once every 10 years. Furthermore, instead of a lump-sum payment for 10 years, the right holder may also choose to pay the renewal fee in two installments with each installment covering the fee for 5 years.
Deadline for renewal request
You may file a renewal request during the 6 months prior to the expiry date of the effective duration of a trademark. In case of failure to file the renewal request within such 6 months, a grace period of 6 months will be granted provided that, except for the renewal fee, an overdue fee shall also be paid; the amount of this latter fee is equal to the renewal application fee. If no request for renewal is made upon expiration of the effective duration of a trademark, any continuing use of such trademark will constitute an infringement of the right of any similar registered trademark, the owner of which may request injunction against such use and make a claim for compensation against the user. We strongly suggest you apply for the trademark renewal if you want to continue using your trademark.
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